Perk: Feign Death


This perk can be used at any time and not just when in chase. This perk causes your character to instantly fall down as if they were actually hit. No points are awarded to the killer for the action of Feign Death, which should be telling for a keen killer. The survivor can get back up instantly, as they are ready to spring for this acrobatic maneuver they've practiced for.

While in the prone state, the killer can pick up the survivor, but this does not take any health states. Other survivors can preform a heal action on the Feigned dying state survivor. And although they can heal that player and force them to stand up into the injured state and finish healing them into full health, the Feigned Death survivor can fully recover at any time they want which would give them back their previous health state/status and 60/50/40 seconds of exhaustion for having recovered from their faked dying state.

If the killer drops the survivor that used Feign Death, then that same survivor can recover to their former living health state instantly. However, the killer can hook the survivor and this does take a hook state and cause the need for the player to be healed after rescued from hook.

May want to change the name to "Exaggerated Injury" or "Faked Injury" and give it to a sports hero in football or soccer with a backstory of "sometimes knowing how to play the game well is not good enough". This should interest more global players due to soccer being a popular global sport.

While in the faked prone state, this survivor can move at 150% crawl speed since they are not actually injured. Keen killers will see this speed and realize they need to catch the survivor. Not normal speed, as that would create an unfair advantage for the survivor zooming through the grass with just this one perk alone. But paired with other perks this could be fun and funny.

For most other game mechanics this Feigned Death player in the faked dying state should be shown to other survivors while they are downed, and to killers using Deer Stalker.