PC - Power Struggle fails Hit Detection

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I dropped the pallet using Power Struggle and everyone in the match watched as it occurred well after the killer walked away from the pallet. You can see the killer even thinks something weird is going on by their head movement back and forth, as if they were trying to state "Really? What the heck happened there?". Of course they took the win, and that should be expected.

But this kind of behavior of game mechanics should not be occurring in such a poor manner. Its sad, to be honest that as players we see strange occurrences all the time in many different types of actions. We are told to get used to it. We would all feel fine if it were our own failures in skillful plays, but these are not our failures, its the back end servers and the hit detection mess.

I'd love to state that Power Struggle should instead queue the pallet drop while the killer is picking up the player which is using Power Struggle, and queue it to be played after pickup. (However, this would not solve the slow Hit Detection Server Response Times.)

Instead, you can see that the survivor is already not allowed to "Press Space" until the killer is absolutely in position and vulnerable to be struck by the pallet. But with slow delays between player and Hit Detection servers, the player is unable to compensate as one has to with: skill checks, Dead Hard, fast vaults, and basic maneuvering.

The pallet drop with Power Struggle only works while within the range of the pallet, and this video shows that the signal was sent to the Hit Detection Servers during the correct amount of time, but the players all received the data of the pallet drop way too late, causing a Power Struggle failure to occur. What kind of Hit Detection is required on Power Struggle? It should either be allowed to work and then it works, or not be allowed to work. Why would it ever think we just want to throw a pallet way behind us as a goof?

This is not a skill issue for the gamer, but instead a skill issue for the coder. Please get it right already. Its been years of messy Hit Detection. I am sure your hit detection works great at 0 ping at headquarters, but not reliably at the player's playable ping. You're failing to see the entire picture.

This is pretty bad, and shows the real struggle within the game. The struggle of a fair match that you aren't disappointed in yourself, but instead by the state of the game.

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