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• DC penalties are all over the place in time

• Disconnect a bunch of times and see if the time with the DC lines up

• Unsure, thats why its posted

Since my GENERAL DISCUSSION thread was closed despite coming up with ideas and concepts to promote less disconnecting I had a friend contact me about their DC issue.

She informed me they DCed during a game and got a 10 to 15 minute penalty(they stuck around ingame to see what transpired after they disconnected) the very next game, she told me she DCed again since she was being tunneled and had absolutely no penalty.

I'm told this is working as intended but by the looks of it its all over the place. One match DC = 10 to 15 minute penalty and the following NEXT match after that timer is up another DC happens to offer ZERO penalty.

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    Apparently DCed during end game collapse twice today. I just afk during that part. Both times i thought match was over for me the killer and looked away from screen.