Challenge "That's rude" not working

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Chapter 6 page 4 and 2nd challenge from left (going to top direction) - Point at the killer within 5s of perk Premonition activating. Do this 2 times.

Quite simple. The problem is, that pointing directly at the killer exactly after it activated (there was a wiretap in the game) did absolutely nothing.

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  • HeyKrystal
    HeyKrystal Member Posts: 2

    Trying to bring more attention to this issue so it gets fixed.

    Here is my report with video evidence.

  • Xenlink
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    Did you have complete the challenge now ?

    Because me too I trying to complete this challenge and even after reading many advices and notices I don’t succeed the challenge

    I hope this bug will be fixed, please Behavior made something or change the instructions by (for exemple) :

    « Look at toward killer’s direction in less than 5 secondes after activating Premonition, do it 20 times » 

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    LGDMF Member Posts: 1

    Same here! I'm playing on Xbox Series X and i've read everything about it on internet, and still i can't beat this challenge. It is one of the last challenges remaining for me

  • nicoabtl
    nicoabtl Member Posts: 2

    I am also having the same problem.

    Read in a reddit post that you need to wait for the pointing animation to complete and then run in the direction of the killer. Trying to test this now.

  • Toader
    Toader Member Posts: 10

    Having the same issue, hope this gets fixed soon! It is very frustrating because I thought I did something wrong, but after trying this for 6 matches I am certain this must be a bug

  • Succubus_Lilith
    Succubus_Lilith Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    The date is 9/30/2023, this challenge is still completely broken, granting no progress when fulfilling the conditions

  • MikhailVictor
    MikhailVictor Member Posts: 166

    I've heard you need let the animation play out fully and not interrupt it by moving, that's how I managed to get it

  • Toader
    Toader Member Posts: 10

    I promise you, I always let the animation play out and then got the perk to activate. Never got a progress pop up, I could also share clips, but someone else already has done that. Did you get it recently or a long time ago?

  • Hunkulese
    Hunkulese Member Posts: 314

    Unfortunately, this is one of those bugs that affects so few people so it's never going to get fixed. A three year old challenge that was already a little buggy isn't just low on the priority list, it's not on the list at all.

  • wgcutless
    wgcutless Member Posts: 25

    I am also encountering this problem. Please fix!

  • Sharky
    Sharky Member Posts: 3

    Still an issue.

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 739

    I got this on my 1st try against Ghostface. Perhaps he is the key. I figured it wouldn't work because it failed on Trapper. I think it's definitely bugged but doable under certain conditions (who the killer is for example).

  • MIH_111_
    MIH_111_ Member Posts: 2

    11/2/2023 still bugged... i try in last 2 or 3 days to do this challange :C

  • Straszny
    Straszny Member Posts: 4

    Still in game

  • wgcutless
    wgcutless Member Posts: 25

    Still bugged for me please fix can't complete Tome cause of it.

  • omglauchpower
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    still buggy for me as well. very frustrating to go to the whole process of this:

    trying the challenge -> finding guides on the internet with explanations (like wait for the whole pointing animation) -> trying it again -> still searching for whats wrong -> in the end figuring out, its still bugging for ages...

    sad 💀

  • YourBoyJoshYT
    YourBoyJoshYT Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    I've been trying for so long and still no luck behavior please fix this.

  • rayblue0618
    rayblue0618 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Just had this challenge with an afk demogorgon and I spent the entire match pointing at him standing right in front of him and nothing counted. Definitely a bugged challenge please fix this!!

  • thanarak
    thanarak Member Posts: 2

    I have this problem too

    I wish Dev fix this soon