Undetectable status is alerting survivors with visual TR, chase music, and stingers.

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PC - Undetectable shouldn't be causing stingers, visual terror radius, or chase music. I'm assuming this is a bug, as it doesn't make sense otherwise. Undetectable shouldn't be giving off a visual heartbeat, for example. Video below. If by chance this is a feature, it's gutting the ability to actually sneak up on survivors.

Hard to say how the stinger happens, but I suddenly hear chase music a lot when I'm following a survivor while I'm stealthed - even if they are unaware of my presence and not looking at me.

Edit- new footage of the bug. See my reply below for the two timestamps

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  • RpTheHotrod
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    Providing additional evidence of this bug happening. The video is technically related to a "testing" purpose about some aura reading, but you see the bug happen twice where the stinger plays when the survivor should NOT know the killer is near (and the TR playing despite not being in a chase).

    12 seconds in - Despite the survivor in a real match not knowing where Myers is, then the survivor heals in killer shack, she's suddenly alerted that there is a killer nearby despite having absolutely no line of sight. This would have given the survivor ample time to run away and escape.

    50 seconds in - The second time is on Haddonfield when the survivor is going upstairs. Once she's up there, the stinger immediately warns the survivor that the killer is near despite not knowing that the killer would be up there and the survivor could run downstairs to escape.

    This bug\feature is causing being a stealther and taking the time to ambush to be punished and have all that set up time stolen away.

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    the screech stinger will play after standing still for 5 seconds i believe, nowhere is it stated that undetectable will disable that stinger from playing

  • sizzlingmario4
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    Undetectable does not prevent chases from happening, Wraith’s and Onryo’s powers specifically do that, but it’s not a feature of Undetectable as a whole.

    The visual terror radius is designed to always display a heartbeat while in chase regardless of the terror radius. Whether or not that’s intended, I’m not sure, but from an accessibility perspective I think that makes sense.

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    Stingers are supposed to play even if you're Undetectable.

    Undetectable or Oblivious doesn't stop chases either. The Visual TR isn't showing the TR, it's showing that the Survivor is in chase.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    Doesn't really make any sense. Do you mean the survivor standing still or the killer? In the first video, survivors get notifier that the killer is sneaking up on them while they are on a gen. So, survivors just get a free warning anytime they sre on a gen for 5 or more seconds? If you mean killer, the killer was crouch walking up to that spot, not standing still. Also check out the second video. The survivor had zero line of sight and got a stinger warning out of nowhere, though the killer was standing in place for quite some time.

    In the videos (check my reply video, as well), none of the survivors are in chase. You could argue on the first video that the madhatter was in chase, but the reality is he was simply running by. Survivors are getting a warning that a stealther is near undeserved. Makes it harder for a stealther to ambush if they are getting random stingers and terror radius warnings. If the stealther has come up on a survivor unaware, they should be able to capitalize on that.

    See above

  • ReverseVelocity
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    The stinger is a mechanic that activates whenever the Killer stands still for an extended period of time. After they move again, it plays the stinger noise (which is the warning you hear). This is something that's been in the game since day one, and activates regardless of Undetectable. In all of those clips, the stinger only played after the Killer was still for a period of time, which happens often if you're trying to test things.

    I think the point of the stinger mechanic is to give Insidious a bit more flair. Apart from that it just adds extra jumpscare value when you're hiding in one spot with Undetectable.

    As for the visual Terror Radius, every single instance you showed of it activating against a stealth killer was when a Survivor had entered chase. You can see the chase indicators activate.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    Chase was initiated because the survivor was running, entered the killer’s line of sight within a short distance, and the killer was moving. Those are the requirements to begin a chase. There is no requirement that the survivor has line of sight of the killer to start a chase. This isn’t a bug.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    I was the killer in the first video. I had crouched walked up to the gen then immediately popped up. Wasn't standing still except for 1 second.

    Needs to be changed then. Being a weak m1 stealth killer is problematic as it is. Taking the time to set up an ambush only for the survivors to get a warning so they can vacate the area can be a real downer. The first video, the survivor would have had no idea I had ambushed and coming up on him. He just happened to reverse into me funilly enough. He would have continued if the game didn't warn him (and in turn completely eliminate the whole stealth element). Same with the generator issue. I was crouch walking up to the generator, only for them to instantly get a warning that I'm crouch walking up the ramp towards them. They could have simply ran away and made the nearby vault behind them (but they knew I was being nice that match so knew I wouldn't attack).

    The second video, in theory, both situations would have the killer setting up an ambush attack, but in both situations, the survivor is given ample warning that the killer is near and could have simply ran away. Again, this completely elements the whole point of a stealth killer.

    If this isn't a bug, then it needs to be changed for stealthers.