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After the match it shows a grade error in the post-match screen. When pressing continue I see the loading screen and after a while I'm kicked out of the lobby and back in the main menu, seeing the "An unknown error occurred" error message.

When attempting to rejoin my friends via the Friends list, I am again shown the "An unknown error occurred" error message. Every now and then I don't get the error, but when searching for a match and joining it, I do not join my friends. I do not see this on my screen. In fact it look's like we're still searching for a game.

The only way to get around the unknown error is to restart the entire game. And once I'm back on the splash screen and press space to continue, I get a prompt telling me that I'm logged in on another device, and that proceeding will log me out of the other device. I click yes. Upon joining my friends again, they tell me that they see the white globe symbol, indicating that I'm on a different platform from them. We're all on Steam, so the fact that it shows me being on another platform is unexpected. If we then find and join a match I get left behind again. And I am forced to yet again restart the game.

Once I've restarted the game for the second time, all errors are gone and I can join my friends again. And joining a match now works as normal again. But it takes a total of 2 game restarts between matches for me to be able to play with my friends.

The above only happens when I'm playing in a party with friends. Whenever I play Survivor Solo-queue or killer, I do not get these errors between matches. I do somethimes get the "Grade Progress Error", but can still continue Survivor Solo-queue or killer afterwards.

I only need to restart the game twice when I'm playing with friends.

This problem has been occuring since the 26th of June.

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum.


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    I had something similar, (When I could play the game before the 25th lol) Where whenever I was in the post game lobby, and try to leave to return to lobby, it would show me an error code and I'd be put back into the post game lobby, instead of returning to the lobby. This really needs to get fixed. I mean, how does a game not know how to return the player to the lobby lmao?! That should be the easiest thing lol. That's not the top of my worries though, I can't even get into the game, my loading screen is stuck on "Initialization Completed." The mods told me that if I contacted support they'd give me a personal fix until the update lol but I guess that's not happening 😭

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