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While playing a game, custom match or quick match, it suddently crashes to desktop, it has only happened to me since the update 7.1.0 and only in game pass game, it runs perfectly in steam, so dont think its because my computer. I look forward to have this problem fixed, due to the game pass account i have is the one with the most progress i cant advance in the new rift or play with all things i paid for. Cant even play a full match. This have been happening for over a month now.

I adress a video with the problem happening and the logs of it i cant adress here due to a problem.


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This looks like a technical issue. If you still require assistance, please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section, as we do not offer technical support on this forum.


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    Ugh been trying to play since the new update, have a 24 hour dc penalty. Haven’t been able to get through a single match on pc game pass version, works just fine on Xbox. I’m having the same problem

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    I have been having this exact same problem since the 7.1.0 update on the PC Game Pass version and also got the 24 hour DC Penalty because of it. About 6 to 10 mins into a public or custom match the game will close just like in the video. I also have the steam version and played it to see if it would crash but it does not. Doesn't matter what settings the game is on, the PC Game Pass version will crash. I had the AMD performance overlay on as well to see if anything bad would show up but it was all normal.

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