Deja Vu/Trail of Torment

As the title suggests, it is between those two perks. If trail of torment is placed on a generator that is highlighted by deja vu, you do not see the yellow aura that is suppose to go on the generator. You only see the red aura still. Is this intended to do that or is that a bug? Just curious! Thank you.


  • Nos37
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    Might be a priority thing. White < Yellow < Red

    They could make the gen alterate between yellow and red, but the fact that they have made no attempt to distinguish between Trail of Torment and other survivor perks that also give gens a yellow aura, means they probably won't change the aura overlap.

  • Devil_hit11
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    that is such big problem with killer perks with like call of brine, eruption blocking discordance and surveillance. i wish we had more gen color's like blue, green and purple. I think every perk slot should be color coded or something to fix that issue. so for example if I use cob and surveillance in slot 1 and eruption on slot 4. the gen should be half blue, half purple. if i use 3 of them, then they become 1/3 blue, 1/3 green, 1/3 purple. if for some reason we get 4 gen-type color perks then you get 1/4 of rainbow.

  • Merudo
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    Exactly this, it makes Deja Vu near unusable in soloq when Trail of Torment is active, you can't even tell that the perk has been used, and you have no idea which gen is affected...

  • crystalkitti
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    I've been having this problem for a long while now, I do hope it gets solved one way or another soon. 😥

  • Nazzzak
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    I'd rather they prioritise the yellow aura. If I'm using Deja Vu and I now see two red and one yellow, I can work around that just fine.

  • crystalkitti
    crystalkitti Member Posts: 315

    I'd also like to mention that this same bug occurs with Blast Mine + Wiretap, unsure about Red Herring or others... No yellow gen aura highlight.

  • crystalkitti
    crystalkitti Member Posts: 315

    This is still in the game. Gens affected by perks that apply a yellow highlight are still being overridden by Deja Vu.

    I could see a gen highlighted by Trail, but my teammate running Deja could only see the gen in red, because it was one of the final three gens. This is ruining games, since you can't tell when Trail is in play, if at all, and you can't tell which generator it's affecting.

    Please fix this! Deja should not override other gen-highlighting perks, it just makes no sense.