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So, I just played trapper with jolt, overcharge, NOED, and sloppy butcher on the swamp map and idk why but there was no chase music when I chased a survivor, the chase was not initiated so I got no bloodpoints under the chase category, and also no bloodlust. I was getting looped on the kitchen, not with an infinite, but it is one with no bloodlust. Idk what happened, but I am sure hoping this doesn't happen in my next game. It was really awkward when hitting someone and they were just breathing and groaning. Idk is this is a bug or intended to turn off bloodlust to work on it, but the survivors had a heyday with it lol.

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  • hailxsatanxeveryxday
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    I've been having this issue on and off for a month. Not really fair to expect me to play when this happens (no chase, no bloodlust the entire game), and the DC penalties really start to stack when it happens more than once in a day.

  • thisislastyearsmodel
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    I've had this happen to me lately too. I'll be quite literally breathing down a survivor's neck and the chase won't initiate until several seconds later.

    Very fun getting looped 5 times at shack as Pig instead of 3.... :')

  • Rafii2198
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    Happened to me too on the Pale Rose map as Wraith yesterday. The chase only started briefly after I hit the survivor but ended within a second or two. For the rest of the day it didn't happen, as well I didn't get the swamp map too, so maybe these maps are bugged.

  • Mandy
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    If you have your player logs when this happens that would be super helpful thank you. Also any video?

    I'm seeing this randomly reported so I suspect it might be a difficult one to find the cause - so any information you have, could be super helpful.

  • Rafii2198
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    I don't remember when that was exactly, meaning I don't know which log this is, so I will send 2 that kinda match the time I remember

    I also tried just now triggering it in custom game, same map, killer and my build, only thing that changed was survivors and their perks as I just don't remember them, multiple tries but not results sadly.

  • I'll start recording all of my matches, I guess. Just happened again. Fifteen minute ban since it happened twice yesterday.

    I'll DM the log to you if possible, just because it doesn't look readable in a text editor, but since you're asking, I'm assuming the encryption is reversible, and I don't know what information it might contain.

    Yeah, that's what happens to me, too. Chase won't start until someone gets hit, and then it'll end and won't start up again.

    I've had it happen on several different maps, so I doubt it's map-dependent, but who knows?

  • I'm breaking from DBD until this gets figured out and/or MfT gets a nerf (or until DBD widthdrawals set in after a few days and I try and get mad about this all over again).

    It's not fair to ask me to deal with multiple matches a day with no bloodust and at least two survivors running that godforsaken perk. Makes the game completely unplayable when this happens.