Stats? did someone say Stats?

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We know that you love data as much as we do, and it's always something that raises a lot of discussion. We're sharing with you of some of the top used perks on both sides.

This is across all MMR ranges, and across all regions - remember some regions can play in a different way and therefore there might be perks that you personally don't see in your games, but we can assure you they are used.

With saying that - here we go:

In order, they are: Jolt, Sloppy Butcher, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Pop Goes the Weasel, Barbecue and Chilli, Lethal Pursuer, Corrupt Intervention, Nowhere to Hide, Save the Best for Last, and Hex: No One Escapes Death.

In order, they are: Windows of Opportunity, Adrenaline, Resilience, Lithe, Self Care, Sprint Burst, Prove Thyself, Dead Hard, Bond, and Spine Chill.

This is something we'd like to do on a regular basis going forwards, so you can definitely expect to see more of these on a regular basis.

We know this is going to start a lot of discussion and as ever your feedback around these perks are invaluable!

The Dead by Daylight Team.

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