PS4 Pro-Random slowdowns (FPS drops) in chases, hit lags and pallet drop lags

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PS4 was always a problematic platform with FPS drops and lags but it went better the last few years, but recently I encounter again much more of this annoying stuff especially in chases and when a lot of people are around. As survivor I checked my ping a couple of times (around 50ms) and even in the killer games I don t get any icons showing me a bad ping (only when hopping into a new lobby it stays red for a around 2 sec). Still, I get random slowdowns (but strangely only in some games) when chasing survs (I'm not sure about killers because they are always faster than me), hit detection goes weird (can't hit guys right in front of me or lunge hits are (from feeling) too short (I guess because of the slowdown)). Same for survivors. Pallets don t react to my inputs (same for kicking them as killer) and it even happend while standing in front of a window that the game teleported me into the locker next to me (1 meter away).

Strangely it only happens in some games and the next ones are perfectly fine. My controller is brand new and even with other controllers the same problem occured. There is also not a special time when this happens. Also strangely it stays the whole game until the end. After a couple of years playing Killer I think I can assess pretty well when I can catch/hit someone and when not and this feels like a big slowdown in movement speed. With Survivor I m not so experienced yet so I cant say much about a slowdown feeling. Instead I m more concered about the unresponsive pallet drops maybe because of lags too.

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