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When you're being hooked, survivors scream too soon and active killer perks will activate prior to the survivor being on hook by 3 seconds.

DC penalty - if the server goes down, Internet goes out, or power outage we shouldn't have a penalty. There has to be a way with how advanced technology is, to program the game to know if someone DCs purposely or if it was an internet/Server issue.

Also, it is ridiculous that the timer goes up every time. In other games it is just a straight 2 min timer. Now that we have bots, we aren't completely screwed if someone does DC. I've had an hour long timer before because of bad weather and the lights flickering. It's ridiculous.

Tome- the times between tomes is absurd. I finish a tome within 2 days, then have to way over 10 days for the next one. Can we also add more challenges in the compendium or whatever?

Separate tomes - can we start doing separate tomes for survivors and killers. Not everyone plays both sides, it would take longer to complete if they were separated.

Lastly - although you are implementing an anti-camping mech. Can we increase the time we have haste and protection hit? Killers just chase us until it runs out in 7 seconds. Or implement that once a survivor is unhooked they can not be downed until another survivor is injured or in the dying state unless you're the last survivor. That would help the tunneling issue.

Thank you

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