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7.1.2 The connection to the party has been lost

JokyAzz Member Posts: 29

Platform: PC (Epic Games)

After playing as a survivor, I have a grade progress error:

When I go out to the lobby, I get a connection lost error:

After these errors I can't play with my friends together. I try to join my friends but I get this error again. Unfortunately, no way helped me fix this problem.

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  • JokyAzz
    JokyAzz Member Posts: 29

    Additionally: before version 7.1.2, I had an unknown error, but now it has disappeared and has been replaced by the one I reported above.

  • JokyAzz
    JokyAzz Member Posts: 29

    Will my report be reviewed?

  • Trebbor073
    Trebbor073 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    I have the same issue for 10 months now , i hope it gets attention asap !

  • llama2221
    llama2221 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    i got the same problem, i asked the support team about this and they said the will fix it as soon as possible but they have no timeline about how long it will take to be fixed

  • dalian
    dalian Member Posts: 7

    I have the same problem. I even just uploaded a report on the website, were you able to solve it? Initially, by changing the DNS this bug stopped, but now nothing I do solves it..

  • thebequh
    thebequh Member Posts: 25

    Turn on a VPN before loading in the game. Fixes the problem.

  • Dannyj
    Dannyj Member Posts: 39

    Been having this issue for more than a month , others for 10 months lol.

    When i used a mobile hotspot with my phone i had no issues.

  • GaymerClutz
    GaymerClutz Member Posts: 1

    I've been having this issue since september aswell! Always get the error after my first match. so I've had to give up SWF'ing because its annoying having to reopen the game after each match just to play with friends.

    Spoken to BHVR about 5 times about it and they just keep sending the same troubleshooting issues then tell me to go to my ISP, which I have done and theyve found no faults with my Modem.

    I get 1GB of download speeds and 500mb uploads. use a wired connection but BHVR just dont seem to care. I've verified the game files about 20 times. uninstalled and reinstalled about 15 times, and even fully uninstalled steam twice.

    This really needs fixing on their end.