Switch - lobby errors and I can’t join games, even after restart

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I have run into this issue, below, multiple times. I play on the switch (due to the lack of cross progression).

When I’m in a SWF I’ll have a few normal games then suddenly I disappear from their lobby at the end of a match, along with getting the grade progression error. In my personal lobby it will say they are all in a match.

I’ll restart my game, can load into the SWF lobby, but I can’t forward into the match lobby. Additionally, anyone who joins the SWF lobby AFTER I join it can’t join (they get the immediate left lobby notice), meaning I have to join last … but I still never make it to an actually game.

We all restart our game and it doesn’t change the outcome. If I leave the game their games return to normal.

When it errors I basically have to shut the game off for the night. It’s happen to me once a week or so.

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