Possible Bug with Hex: Pentimento

Michael8431 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

If you attempt to bless a totem that has been re-lit with Hex: Pentimento, there is no prompt to bless that totem, could be intentional in which case just delete this post but I wanted to make sure.

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  • Wampirita
    Wampirita Member Posts: 786

    Pentimento totems aren't boonable, it's intended mechanic

  • Brokenbones
    Brokenbones Member Posts: 5,126

    Yeah it's intentional, because when a pentimento hex is removed, it's supposed to basically be out of play permanently like a cleansed totem. Blessing them would cause a conflict by essentially bringing a dull totem back into the game which isn't what pentimento is meant to do

  • VirtuaTyKing
    VirtuaTyKing Member Posts: 433

    The bug still exists for killer where you can see the aura of destroyed totems. Come on fix it already.