Some Killers attack When Trying To Use Their Power Making Them Unplayable

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EDIT: I checked my inputs outside of the game and my right trigger was being pressed when I pushed the left one so maybe it's my controller it just didn't make sense as I was playing spirit for days and never experienced it once and you hold in LT 90% of the time with her so I dunno, getting a new controller so I'll guess we'll find out but it has only happened in dead by daylight

Hi I experienced this glitch first with deathslinger I'm an xbox player

It started when I hit a long range hit with deathslinger ability and he will just attack without me even pressing the button letting them escape and this happens around 80% of the time to me

I played demogorgon and didn't even get as far as being able to use his ability once as I was completely locked out of it from the start of the match

I then tried oni and after hitting with demon rush once the same thing happened where he would attack at the instant of using his ability

I have multiple clips witnesses and I'll link two tweets showcasing it all if the links work, I don't know how many killers are affected but from what I've seen it's been consistent from me but pc players seem fine and I've checked my controller and input binding and everything is fine, it's definitely a glitch

If this could even be addressed I'd be happier as knowing something is being done would help as that's 3 killers back to back that were unplayable and I imagine there is others. The glitch is consistent a lot of the time but seemingly not a lot of people are experiencing it, thanks

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