PC – Paid license dlc’s missing with glitched dates of purchase.

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Good day I’m a PC player, I play on Steam. Hexzamal #cbad.

As of yesterday, (Monday, August 21st 2023) I noticed something odd when I booted up the game. Three of the licensed killers along with the survivors tied to their chapters were greyed out, this is weird to me because I bought all the dlc’s up to the end transmission chapter, with the exclusion of the stranger things chapter. So Nick Cage and anything stranger things related are supposed to be the only dlc’s that I do not own, yet somehow, The HALLOWEEN® Chapter, A Nightmare on Elm Street™, & LEATHERFACE™ seems to have been removed from my game”?” I question that last sentence because the purchases for those dlc’s are still there on my account.

When I noticed this the first thing I did was look up my purchase history, sure enough, everything that I paid for was there, but for the 3 dlc’s in question, (The HALLOWEEN® Chapter, A Nightmare on Elm Street™, & LEATHERFACE™) the purchase dates are all incorrect. I bought dead by daylight on the 14th of March 2023. When I bought the game I bought all of the killers on the same date, (14th March 2023) yet when I look at the purchase date for those 3 dlc’s it’ll show the current date that you looked at them. So as I looked at them yesterday (21st August 2023) that’s the date it showed me. Then when I checked again today (22nd August 2023) that’s the date of purchase listed on those 3 dlc’s. What’s even weirder is despite the fact that those dlc’s are registered to my account & are listed as a part of the dlc’s I own at the same time it's not”?” On Steam when I checked the dlc section of Dead by Daylight those 3 were missing, completely. When I go to the store page to look for them manually, I see them there but not as a part of my library, yet when I revisit the purchase history where dead by daylight is concerned, the dlc’s are there. Last I played consistently was during the twisted masquerade event, back then I had no issues. There were daily rituals for Quentin Smith at the time which I did but daily rituals aside I have not worked on any of those characters' blood webs, yet.

At the very least I tried the verify files option but that did nothing. Thankfully I streamed during the twisted masquerade event so I’ll leave a screenshot showing Mike, Fred & Bub as playable at the time along with whatever other attachments. Thanks in advance for whatever feedback I get.

The video I made as an example was to large in size so I'll attach a link to it.

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