Dbd Bsod my entire system

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I'm having a system crash problem. This only happens when I'm in the menu and in the shop while changing characters or skins. I can hear the sounds coming from the menu, but I have to restart the whole computer. This only happens with dead by daylight.

Cpu:Ryzen 7 5700x


Ram: 32gb 3600mhz ddr4 cl16

psu:MWE 750 White 230V - V2 - Cooler Master

SSD:512mb western digital,500mg nmve sandisk pro

coolermaster liquid ml240l

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This seems to be a technical issue, if you still require assistance you can ask other forum users in the Ask the Community section (https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/categories/ask-a-question) since we do not offer technical support on this platform.

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