Crouching while letting go of a gen applies torment (not the case for other killer powers/actions)

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  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Map: (Irrelevant) Coal Tower
  • Character(s) played: Sheva Alomar + The Executioner
  • Description of the issue: I committed to a gen and was hoping the killer would pull me off and try to hook me nearby. Instead, the executioner tried to put me into the torment state for the quick execute (I was death-hook) and drug a trench across and behind me. I held the crouch button fore letting go, but I still became tormented anyway.
  • Steps to reproduce: Same as described above.

There are other actions in the game where, if the player is holding the crouch button before / at the time of stopping their action, the player is immediately considered crouching even before the animation has finished. This is the case of unhooking while hag's marks are nearby, and in the case of Victor's observe mode.

If I was holding the crouch button before pressing the button to cancel the Repair action, I should not have become tormented.

Edit: Title changed for clarity.

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