Killer Repeat Prevention

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I'm not sure if this has been suggested by anyone yet, but this desperately needs to happen.

Several updates ago, a measure was put into place that stopped you from getting sent to the same map too often. Despite a few hiccups, it works fairly well. What I would really love to see, though, is the same type of thing for killers.

I played for a good portion of the day yesterday and I swear at least 95% of the killers I went up against were Weskers. Most of the time back-to-back. It's not that I have anything against Wesker, or any other killer, but it makes the game so boring when you're constantly sent into into matches facing the same killer over and over and over again. By the end of the night I was like, "Not another damn Wesker!"

There needs to be some kind of system that's like, "Okay, you've faced this killer, we won't put you up against that killer again for at least five more matches" or something.

Thanks for reading and hopefully considering.

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  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
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    We don't have enough killer players or playable killer options to do that now.

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    We have 33 different killers. And hundreds of thousands of players each day play the game. To make sure that every five of them are different is extremely doable. Also, keep in mind that when they did it with maps, there were less than 40 different maps. I find it incredibly hard to believe that so few people are playing killer at a given time that they can't do this.

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  • adaw0ng
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    This would be a better matchmaking system than MMR actually. Killers would face more variety of survivors removing MMR and survivors would not get exhausted from playing against the same 2 or 3 killers every game and would improve their game sense overall (to this day there are people that don’t know hag’s traps can be wiped out because they barely went against her for example.)

  • DrKetchup
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    I'd like this. Alranican will have 10-minute queue times on Wesker tho 🤣