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buried underground

mees Member Posts: 39

in tome 15 there is a challenge called buried underground. It says you have to hook two survivors in basement. Do the survivors have to be hooked there at the same time cause if hooked more then 2 survivors 9in basement. (I think if also hooked two at the same time so maybe its bugged).

Best Answer


    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 914

    no and it can be the same one plz dont tunnel tho

  • mees
    mees Member Posts: 39

    then i dont understand how i didnt get the challenge when i had 5 basement hooks

  • mees
    mees Member Posts: 39

    i got 4 hooks again still didnt get the challenge im gonna try restarting my game

  • JohnSsuitepee
    JohnSsuitepee Member Posts: 21

    I've just attempted to do this archive challenge twice, on two different maps as two different killers. It looks like this one is currently bugged.

  • Milkymalk
    Milkymalk Member Posts: 216

    The challenge of the same name in tome 16-3 (hook 6 in basement) is also bugged.

  • RENEGADE_0078
    RENEGADE_0078 Member Posts: 1

    Tome 16-3 BURIED UNDERGROUND (hook 6 in basement) is bugged.