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PC - Raccoon City Police Station Crashes Game Server

Vantrall Member Posts: 1
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Disclaimer - I do not know if this has been reported or not

**Steps to recreate:**

Step 1: Boot the game

Step 2: Play either as Survivor or Killer in public matchmaking (Not on a custom game, On custom games it works perfectly fine)

Step 3: Put in the RPD Badge to ensure you're loading into the proper map

Step 4: Wait for a long loading screen and observe as it errors.

**Additional Information:**

1) As far as I know it's always Racoon City Police Station (West Wing) Haven't been able to try East Wing yet.

2) Killer was Xenomorph (Don't know if it works with other killers)

3) I am having trouble trying to upload my log file. So if you need it I can keep trying but I've tried a lot of things to be able to upload it.

**Jumbled Description.**

When loading into a game that is Raccoon City Police Station West Wing (Haven't tried the other wing yet) It always fails to load in. Says Something went wrong ending the match. Is anyone else having this issue? This error has occurred multiple times by putting in an offering to play on the map. I personally have tried 3 different times. and the game has failed each time.

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the 502 failure to load error was fixed earlier today.


  • Butterrum333
    Butterrum333 Member Posts: 7

    Also getting this same thing from bringing Ichorous Loam offering but was able to get into a match while bringing the new map offering

  • Varenthian
    Varenthian Member Posts: 1

    Having the same issue. Double and (accidentally) triple checked using the RPD badge add-on. Every time it fails to load in, no matter the killer.

    K1LLR0CKNR0LL Member Posts: 176

    Same issue on PS4 and PC. Brought RPD 3 times in a row and a random brought it for a 4th. Each time it crashed.

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