Buried Underground Challenge Bugged.

Eareland Member Posts: 222

It's probably bug which affects basement hook challenges, because other peeps did reports regarding basement challenges being bugged.

• Platform

PC (Steam)

• Description of the issue

Cannot get progress in "Buried Underground" challenge, because game isn't counting basement hooks. Tried this on 2 different matches, restarted the game too. Didn't work.

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  • Pumayito
    Pumayito Member Posts: 5
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    Same, 3 different matches, I already did like 4 basement hooks and got no progress

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  • sharpef3rn
    sharpef3rn Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 14

    Same, 2 matches first on Toba Landing with four basement hooks second on Ormond with two. Both times were Myers and I did take monsterous shrine. But I am going to try a try another daily as Artist without Monsterous.

  • Caruto_san
    Caruto_san Member Posts: 16

    I'm glad it's not just me! I played several matches to get this and even used Scourge: Monstrous Shrine to trigger it but I have yet to get any progress on it.

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 3,771

    3 basement hooks, 0 progress.

  • HolyDarky
    HolyDarky Member Posts: 61

    year this challenge is buggy. I hooked three survivor in one game in the basement but the game did not count it for the challenge. Today was the same issue.

    This is really annoying and hopefully the devs will fix this issue

  • TheWheelOfCheese
    TheWheelOfCheese Member Posts: 639

    I swear basement hook challenges break every few updates.

  • Unimatrix00
    Unimatrix00 Member Posts: 430

    Oh I hear all your pain! I completed the challenge in one game, altrustic players, and it didn't count it. Now I just played a game as Alien and I hooked at least 4 in the basement, could have been 1 or 2 more, and the game didn't count them towards the challenge. Very frustrating.

  • The curse of the buggy basement has reared its ugly head once again😭

  • Lekitzul
    Lekitzul Member Posts: 495

    Same I play on PS4. I legit hooked two survs to death in McMillian and no progress. Have also done it in Ormond and Dvarka. Seems like an every map problem lol.

  • Claudiu0933
    Claudiu0933 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Just killed all survivors on basement hooks . Please fix your game BHVR !

  • smkdesigns
    smkdesigns Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    Had this same issue did it like 4 to 5 different times, only map got it to do it on is rpd and I'm on the ps4.

  • Zakon05
    Zakon05 Member Posts: 81

    Ran into the same issue. No progress across 3 separate games. Even tried to force the issue by playing basement bubba, and despite getting a 4k in the basement, 0 progress.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,010

    Can confirm this on PS5

    Tome 1 - Tier 3 - Buried Underground

    Seems all tomes tracking for basement hooks are affected.

  • Simfeliz
    Simfeliz Member Posts: 5,323

    Same here. PC - Steam.

    Was on the Swamp map (can't recall which version). Sucks too because it's the only challenge I have left.

  • nicoabtl
    nicoabtl Member Posts: 2

    Had the same problem Tome 6 Buried Underground. It did work on RPD.

  • sulaiman
    sulaiman Member Posts: 3,148

    Same here. Had a match were one hook counted, but couldnt get progress before or later.

  • Sabzi
    Sabzi Member Posts: 2

    Played a match on borgo, hooked 6 times in the basement, 0 count. The ingame counter didn't show up either.

    Hooked once on Shelter woods, no counter.

    Also, there's thread after thread when searching for "buried underground dbd" that go back 3 years with the same issues. Kind of insane. Just remove basement hook challanges if you can't figure this bug out in 3 years please.

  • JSteveIsMeTTV
    JSteveIsMeTTV Member Posts: 24

    Can confirm even after today's update/patch, the glitch is still in effect. I was on Haddonfield and only got two basement hooks. Wasn't really trying too hard, but was shooketh to see no progress whatsoever

  • JacksonWise
    JacksonWise Member Posts: 651

    Just experienced this bug as well. Got 4 - 6 basement hooks with the challenge selected and received no progress. Was playing Deathslinger on Disturbed Ward using 3 Scourge Hook perks, including Monstrous Shrine.

  • NaveR
    NaveR Member Posts: 18

    Same; mother's dwelling, was playing nemi. No progress notification, no progress after the match.

  • Zokenay
    Zokenay Member Posts: 1,139

    Have hooked well over 10 survivors on basement, nothing.

  • shalo
    shalo Member Posts: 1,438

    BHVR knows it's bugged but keeps putting the same cut and paste challenge in every tome.

  • tjwallis
    tjwallis Member Posts: 20

    Can confirm that RPD works

  • luvcraft
    luvcraft Member Posts: 1,130

    anyone see this work on any other maps besides RPD? the killer I'm trying to use for it doesn't have RPD offering.

  • luvcraft
    luvcraft Member Posts: 1,130

    great, so the only map where you can get this basement achievement is the one where nobody ever goes to the basement. fml.

  • luvcraft
    luvcraft Member Posts: 1,130

    FINALLY got it at RCPD. Now let us never, ever speak of the RCPD basements again.

  • jayoshi
    jayoshi Member Posts: 183
    edited September 9

    I came here to report the same issue. I love how it's the map with the hardest basement locations that doesn't have the bug lol

  • juicedup
    juicedup Member Posts: 8

    i'm getting the issue aswell

  • ghosti
    ghosti Member Posts: 3

    I just had a game where I hooked 3 survivors in the basement and the challenge did not count any of them I’m a PS4 player.

  • crogers271
    crogers271 Member Posts: 852

    Just reporting I have the issue as well: works on RPD, no where else.

  • FD77V
    FD77V Member Posts: 2

    Same problem, but I have somehow only got to do one more which is kindbof double annoying lok

  • TheSpectre
    TheSpectre Member Posts: 46

    Same here, didn't count yesterday on Farm maps yesterday and neither today on Crotus Prenn.

  • Imagons
    Imagons Member Posts: 7

    Same here, Tried on the new map (Alien DLC) and on Mount Ormond

  • Supernaut
    Supernaut Member Posts: 1,514

    Wondering if the Basement location has anything to do with this?

    When people have gotten no progress is this in main building, or shack etc...

  • Simfeliz
    Simfeliz Member Posts: 5,323

    Still no fix?

  • Supernaut
    Supernaut Member Posts: 1,514


    Looked at the notes and no mention of it.


  • Gemini
    Gemini Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    same issue for me, ive tried it a few times with dredge and trapper and no success.

  • malatruse
    malatruse Member Posts: 777

    Same issue here as well, with Flashlights being disabled I'm kind of stuck.

  • lucidlux
    lucidlux Member Posts: 51

    Still broken as of this morning, 0 credit for survivors hooked in basement.

  • BubbaDredge
    BubbaDredge Member Posts: 802

    They never ever work. Once there was a buried underground that didn't work, after an update it started working. I thought that meant the others would work, nope. I figured new tomes would have the version that works, nope.

  • Unimatrix00
    Unimatrix00 Member Posts: 430

    This is pathetic. They just released an update through which there SHOULD have been a fix for this, as it's been going on for some time now. Now I'm finding other challenges in the next chapter of the tome aren't working either. Very discouraging and infuriating.

  • PuddlestheCorgi
    PuddlestheCorgi Member Posts: 1

    WORKS ON RPD! Did multiple maps as Bubba - no dice. Went to RPD (via my offering) and got all 6. I never thought I'd say this, but...hurray for RPD!

  • MakeThemScream
    MakeThemScream Member Posts: 41

    I hooked survivors on borgo in the basement as cenobite and nothing was counted. Please fix this challenge from your current rift pass that people paid for.

  • Zariva83
    Zariva83 Member Posts: 45

    PS5, Freddy, Alien Map, 9 Basement hooks, none counted, as of September 29th 2023.