tome bug

trapmyballs Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

The Agitated Advantage challenge on tome 1 level 2 will not complete after hooking survivors in basement while using the perk Agitation.

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  • gravy87
    gravy87 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Same thing happening for me.

    Using the Trapper, a few different maps and scenarios but all have failed to get the challenge. I had 3 survivors hooked at one time and still nothing.

    Perks: Agitated, Jolt, Brutal Strength and Hex:NOED

    On the PS5 console (but I see this is happening to all versions).

  • AngryHobo2
    AngryHobo2 Member Posts: 103

    I am playing Dead by Daylight on the PC version of the game and my "Hook 6 Survivors in the basement" challenge is not working as intended. I will attempt survivor challenges soon.

  • AngryHobo2
    AngryHobo2 Member Posts: 103

    Update on this, I just blinded a Demogorgon with a flashlight in a match and the progress bar updated after a blind action. I blinded the killer multiple times and successfully completed the challenge. Even after the match had ended, I was able to collect the challenge rewards successfully.

    Perhaps this issue only affects killer challenges?