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Cant join my friends who have ps5 because we have a errorcode that says mismatch update. I have restarted the game and updated the game but we cant join eachother

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  • CrimsonVoid
    CrimsonVoid Member Posts: 7

    Its because the PS5 version have to yet to receive today's update. Its super late, while the PS4 version got it hours ago.

  • KenjiKenzie
    KenjiKenzie Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Still no update on PS5 bug fix update

  • CrimsonVoid
    CrimsonVoid Member Posts: 7
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    South America here, At this exact minute I finally got the update for the PS5 version.

  • vypra
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    i thought i was the only one, so then ps5 hasn’t got it’s update ?

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,621

    There was a delay with the update on PS5 - this has now been resolved so you should have no trouble playing now.

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