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With DBD's recent update, the fullscreen option was added which greatly helps the performance of the game for people that don't have the best hardware. I was ecstatic to see this option, and was very happy with the performance of it. However that was very shortlived, because I face a crash EVERY ENDING OF EVERY GAME. Please try and get this fixed.

  1. Launch game
  2. Enable Fullscreen
  3. Go into any match
  4. On the loading screen, or at the end of a match, the game will crash without fail.

Tested with friends and they all had the same issue. No external modifications used, all graphics drivers up-to-date. I am going to include a screenshot of the crash, and 3 log files of different instances of the crash. Here are my specs just incase they're required.

  1. Windows 10, 2004
  2. GTX 1650
  3. Intel i7-6700k
  4. Installed Physical Ram: 16 GB DDR4 (3200mhz)

Thank you for your time, hopefully this is fixed so I can play the game smoothly again :P

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum.


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