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Cenobite Camera Shake Issue.

Riothin Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 5

Currently, whenever you cast out a possessed chain the gateway shakes and moves around before snapping in place. I play on PC but I'm willing to bet it on all of the platforms. To test it just shoot out several chains and it varies in strength sometimes it's not noticeable but other times it shoots your camera around. Please for the love of the Leviathan fix it fast for us Cenobite mains. The bug is in all Pinhead games I have had since the Alien PTB and its still not fixed.

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  • MuseMagician
    MuseMagician Member Posts: 26
    edited September 2023

    Omg Thank You for making this post! I haven't gotten the chance to make a forum post yet with video evidence due to work, but I discovered this bug last night and it made me tilt. It's annoying as all creation! #PinheadMainsUnite

  • Gandor
    Gandor Member Posts: 4,227

    It's so tilting. I am effectively dropping pinhead from my rotation until he's fixed. This one gives me headache

  • Masterhand0000
    Masterhand0000 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    I can corroborate the existence of this bug as well.

  • WhoSoup
    WhoSoup Member Posts: 152

    Is there any update on this from BHVR? This bug has been in the game since the release of Alien, almost a month ago, and it's making Pinhead borderline unplayable against good survivors.

  • speedwagon
    speedwagon Member Posts: 4

    This is freaking outrageous... I literaly CAN"T play the game, it takes like 5-10 minutes playing Pinhead to get headache. This THING is in the game FOR 3 WEEKS and NO MENTIONING about it anywhere. I dont get it.

    I went to the custom game and made a few examples of this bug.

    example #1

    example #2

    example #3

    i dont want to be rude or anything, but way to F** g go, character is broken for a month and nobody gives a s***t besides 7 people who upvoted this post. Shame.