Survs glitching into lockers and becoming invincible


Survs click their flashlights while walking into lockers and it lets them phase through and become invincible. Multiple lockers on RPD. I've seen people report this on Eyrie of Crows too, so this must be game wide. This is an insane bug that needs to be fixed immediately.

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  • MrCrazyCat62
    MrCrazyCat62 Member Posts: 168

    Just jumping on to second this. Found a recent video on Tiktok over it as well.

  • MisterTurtle
    MisterTurtle Member Posts: 2

    Managed to do it after just a few attempts, very easy to reproduce and very broken as well.

  • notPlancha
    notPlancha Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    It happened to me as I was being downed too, I was essentially pushed to the inside of a locker and I couldn't be picked up afterwards until I got out of the locker, so maybe other interactions can reproduce this bug

  • CLB198
    CLB198 Member Posts: 315
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    On Ormond as well

  • Relevantcow
    Relevantcow Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 8

    Glitch where the survivor runs at a locker and press both enter locker and flashlight simultaneously they phase through the locker and cannot be injured or killed whatsoever.

  • Tsulan
    Tsulan Member Posts: 14,927
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    Was about to report this.

    I couldn´t hit her, i couldn´t open the locker. But she could move freely and leave.

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  • theTARNavsky
    theTARNavsky Member Posts: 131
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    I've had two people abuse it so far, both reported. I hope they get banned.

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  • Swami626
    Swami626 Member Posts: 1
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    Looks like no playing killer for me until this gets fixed. Two people exploiting this bug the whole match. Beyond annoying. Reported to BHVR and Xbox

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  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 5,681

    Pretty sure this works on every map, I had survivors do it against me on Autohaven killer shack and I just saw a teammate do it on Dead Dawg. Flashlights need to be disabled until this is fixed, this is ridiculous.

  • Tiamat_Adara
    Tiamat_Adara Member Posts: 39

    just reported this for Lerys, 2 survivors abusing that glitch with any flashlights and any locker on this map, basically holding the killer hostage there

  • DrFreon
    DrFreon Member Posts: 2

    I just saw this too on the Dvarka map. Terrible bug.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 5,681

    Literally just went into the locker and started self-caring, I couldn't do anything.

    Not playing killer for as long as this is in the game.

  • Hex_Llama
    Hex_Llama Member Posts: 1,744

    I saw this in one of my survivor matches, but didn't know how it was done. One of the other survivors showed me that he could run into a locker through the side (not the front) and then spent the whole match doing that. I spectated him after I died and he was able to partially exit the locker (enough to get his camera out and see what was going on), but then he could step back again and be protected.

  • khrisfromtoronto
    khrisfromtoronto Member Posts: 36

    Probably because of the amount of whining crybabies that would complain.

    I'm dodging every single lobby with flashlights.I am seeing flashlights in every lobby now, so lots of dodging. I refuse to deal with this again.

  • Jpatcho
    Jpatcho Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Had it three games in a row now. Reported all the players abusing it, hope they get perma banned and the exploit fixed asap.

  • bornagain234
    bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 126
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    This game needs a remake or sequel. How does this even happen?

    I dont feel like players should get banned for it, theyre not hacking.

    The focus should be on, how does stuff like this always happen? The game needs a complete rebuild on unreal engine 5

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  • Dreadgnaw
    Dreadgnaw Member Posts: 2

    Had that happen to me today and just left after the second time encountering it. Always with self-care as well. It absolutely should have been kill -switched if it's this prevalent; and yes, players should be banned for it. It's cheating, and you don't do it by accident. Wish BHVR would stop babying survivors who did this; it would kill-switched immediately if it were a killer doing something like this.

    Folks need to stop making excuses for this sort of behavior. Bad enough when survivors were abusing the carts on the saloon map or the skilodge rocks; this can be done on any map. Free, accessible invincibility at any locker that can be done quick and repeatedly when needed. This is hard cheating, and should be a bannable offense. Regardless, it won't be, so hopefully they at the least patch it quickly. I won't be playing again until it is.

  • Emeal
    Emeal Member Posts: 4,091
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    bHVR this is spreading like wildfire on Social Media rn, you gotta Killswitch flashlights. I has happened three times this evening.

    I dont feel like players should get banned for it, theyre not hacking.

    They are exploiting a bug, this is against terms of service. Read it:

    I. Rules of Conduct

    While participating in the Game, you also agree to comply with certain rules of conduct that govern your use of the Game (“Rules of Conduct”), for example you may not:


     Exploit errors in design, features which are not documented, and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage.


    If you identify an exploit, you either ignore or document it and pass it on. if you use it in a match you are in breach of the TOS.

    Simple as.

  • Alen_Starkly
    Alen_Starkly Member Posts: 717
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    I got this too. 1 match I played as the Artist, and managed to down them with Dire Crows, but couldn't do anything with M1's. Today, I was playing survivor. I died, and then spectated my teammates (all 3 of them) abusing this in a basement against a Spirit. There was nothing she could to, so she was forced to DC.

  • Spidymonke3
    Spidymonke3 Member Posts: 1
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    I was playing as Legion last night and 2 survivors were doing that, they were the last ones left. It took forever for me to catch them, but I did.

  • bornagain234
    bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 126
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    Maybe they should develop the game in a way then so that things like this dont happen.

    They will patch A B C and somehow, without touching anything X Y Z will break. Clowns perk will be adjusted, and somehow it breaks something for artist, or a map is affected. The entire game needs to be fixed.

  • CaulDrohn
    CaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,504

    Found a different solution: Use Franklins to drop the flashlight to the ground, so they cannot clip into the lockers!

  • Emeal
    Emeal Member Posts: 4,091
  • bornagain234
    bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 126
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    If the game wasnt so poorly coded and bandage fixed for 7 years, bugs like this wouldnt happen.

    The fact it needs a killswitch and it is constantly used says enough. Entire maps, killers, perks get completely removed from the game.

    It would be a huge job, but a remake would really help in the long run. The game didnt have 30 killers + and it becoming as big as it has from the start, and its just been bandaged over. Its getting worse and worse.

    Answer this, how does this even happen?

  • Emeal
    Emeal Member Posts: 4,091
  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,152

    Ahh, had this today too on Suffocation Pit.

    Was not sure if bug or cheat...

  • Imagons
    Imagons Member Posts: 7

    Same for me, happen on the saloon and the game, impossible to hit survivor or grab them threw the locker.

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,702

    Had 2 people do this in a row. One on Grim Pantry and one on The Game.

    Luckily I got both.

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 8,168

    I can tell you've never coded anything if you think it's simple to just "not develop bugs and exploits into a game".

    No matter how diligent you think you are being, there's going to be some combination of inputs that create unintended results that you never thought to check.

  • Engazan
    Engazan Member Posts: 9

    6 games in row someone expoit it its not FAN to play AGAINST this survivor

    KILL SWITCH lockers ...

  • Nyrvhal
    Nyrvhal Member Posts: 1

    Ive had this happen two matches in a row. Can someone tell me if people actually get penalized for abusing exploits? Because I'm about to uninstall this game if not. They ruin 45 minutes of my damn day because they have to abuse an exploit to get away from me. And not only that, but they will teabag and run between lockers specifically to BM. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!!! MORE THAN FIXING THE BUG!!! These people need to understand that its not okay or you will continually have periods where you lose business and customers to gamebreaking bugs and the losers that exploit them.


  • Emeal
    Emeal Member Posts: 4,091

    They do get punished, make sure you stay in post game chat and gather all the info you need to make an additional report on: and make sure you report them INGAME as well. If you can make screenshots on your system do that, if you can record a video file then record that and upload to youtube and include that link in the report on bHVR's website.

    Also make sure you stay well clear of doing it yourself.

  • betelgeuseyes
    betelgeuseyes Member Posts: 268

    Good question. Is it possible the Devs could have purposely put this bug in to mess with us?

  • betelgeuseyes
    betelgeuseyes Member Posts: 268

    Yeah, no. I'll report them in-game but I don't have the time to make videos, trim them, convert them and upload them. It's clear this is happening across the board and these glitchers most likely have been flagged more than a few times, so it should be obvious who these people are.

  • MaxsonMX
    MaxsonMX Member Posts: 12

    Do you have any idea how many people get reported for cheating everyday, without actually cheating?

  • Tenerebus
    Tenerebus Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
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    Had the same thing happen to me. There were two survivors with flashlights on the team. They continuously fast vaulted ( like absolutely nonstop) which was fantastically annoying, because all I could hear was that explosion sound warning me, and every time I would get a hit on one of them, they would immediately jump into a locker and self-care without me able to do anything. I had a pretty long string of 3-4Ks and was feeling good about my improvement as a killer (was losing a lot of games before then), but if players are just going to cheat and do everything they can to annoy me I'm just not going to play until they fix it.

    Yes, I think they should get banned; they know exactly what they're doing.

  • Storml0rd
    Storml0rd Member Posts: 17

    Ran into this tonight - 2 matches in a row. Second match surv who was doing it said they just had it done to them. This is going to drive killers to play survivor, and those of us who want to actually play are just going to keep dodging and eventually stop playing. I think this bug is making the game unplayable - the killers who are getting this used against them are the ones getting punished immediately (matchmaking timeout), and the survivors are just having a field day.

    I'm off to play Civ (or something) until this is fixed.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38

    Noticed this twice in two games just now.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38

    Yep, this is a hard stop for the game that needs an immediate hotfix. Makes the game unplayable for killer, and the glitch doesn't appear to be contained to either a single map or a single locker on a map.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38

    Also, screenshot this every time it happens, and report the offending players for cheating. They all deserve to be permanently banned for this.

    Make an in-game report for cheating, and then you MUST follow this link for a formal out-of-game follow up report. Fill in every field as much as you are able to make sure the offenders are punished.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38

    You should absolutely report it, it's a deliberate use of a bug to ruin the game for everyone.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38

    I'm dodging all lobbies with flashlights until this is fixed.

  • kjolnir
    kjolnir Member Posts: 38
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    That would break more than one killer and a dozen or more perks. Killswitch flashlights.

  • Survisezmode
    Survisezmode Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Sanctum of wrath, i had not one, not two, not three, BUT ALL 4 Survs use this bug. Literally couldn't do a chase because of it, as soon as i'd find them they'd bookit to the nearest locker cluster

  • Taintedshadow
    Taintedshadow Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Yup, just hopped on to play some good ol' shock doc and the first chase goes well. Then a wild Nea appears, takes a hit and I switch to her. She runs around a corner and disappears. I can still hear her, but can't see her, so I figure she's in the locker and got in with quick and quiet. I go to open the locker open locker interaction. At this point, I figured it was a hack or exploit. A wild Claudette appears and starts teabagging and clicking while nodding, so I fgiure she's just here to watch me camp the exploiting/hacking Nea. I just sit there and keep shocking until Claudette enters the locker, forcing Nea out and letting me down her. Nea gets picked up by Claudette and runs to a double locker where she proceeds to clip into it...after which Claudette goes into the one next to her. Another player comes in and forces them out, so I down them and hook them while letting the other two out. This was insane and needs to be fixed ASAP!!!