Missing DLCs (Survivors and Killers)

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Every time I log in to play Dead By Daylight (PC), all previous survivors and killers I once owned are now gone. This was before the Xenomorph update.

I've tried contacting support about the issue, but after 3 weeks of no reply I've given up and resorted to here to hopefully find a solution.

For further details, I never actually purchased any of the survivors and killers I'm missing, except for Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong. The game was given to me as a gift during its anniversary event in 2021. As far as the list of survivors, I owned everybody except:

  • Thalita Lyra
  • Renato Lyra
  • Cheryl Mason
  • Feng Min
  • Nancy Wheeler
  • Steve Harrington
  • Jill Valentine
  • Gabriel Soma
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Ellen Ripley

Rebecca and Ada Wong remains as my owned survivors, since I made the direct purchase of them. They were bought during separate times.

As far as killer, I'm not so sure. I purely played survivor so my memory is hazy. But I know I owned:

  • Ghostface
  • Pyramid head
  • Michael Myers
  • Cenobite

Despite missing my DLCs, I still have the respective character's perks (from leveling them up to prestige) and cosmetics, I just can no longer play the character themself.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I am sorry you are dealing with this, but I'm afraid we are unable to assist with this issue here on the Forum. Please contact Support for further assistance: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/


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    If you're on steam and got those characters from steam share, DLC share has been disabled so it's normal.

    If you played on different platforms (steam & epic for eg) and de-linked your accounts it's also normal.

    I can't think of any other scenario where it's normal, but you should submit a ticket here:


    Edit: Re-read your post, it does seem like you got those characters from Steam share so I'll develop a bit more about it: a few weeks back Steam enforced a policy that forbid DLC share with family sharing if you own the game, so you no longer have access to those characters. However, all progress of those characters is still saved, and you will get everything back (prestige, perks, items, cosmetics) if you buy the DLC.

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    That's the thing though -- It can't be family share. Whilst yes I do have family sharing on with friends, our DLCs never merged. My other friend who has Dead by Daylight on steam has characters that I didn't have at all, such as Renato Lyra and Feng Min. If the cause is the DLC share being disabled, wouldn't I have my friend's characters (Renato and Feng Min) along with everyone else I had before it was changed?

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