No yellow aura

Hi i have been seeing no wiretap yellow aura no blast mine aura no trail of torment aura is it bugged or not i think it is

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  • EQWashu
    EQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 3,896

    Hey Symp_Nox,

    Would you be able to provide more information regarding this issue you've experienced?

    • Platform
    • Character played
    • Perks played (especially, if you were using Deja Vu)
    • Map
    • Frequency of the issue
  • CaulDrohn
    CaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,504

    You sure you applied Wiretap / Blast Mine to the gen? Bc they changed it that you no longer add it while repairing, but you have to stand besides the gen without actively working on it.

    I just played with Blast Mine two days ago, and it certainly worked.