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packet loss when selecting higher fps than 60 (90-120)

Wizard7735 Member Posts: 3
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i tried posting it in report as bug but it closed for some reason.

there nothing to do with my pc its a game bug something or something to do with the servers.

• Platform

pc - epic games

• Description of the issue

when i play with high fps like 120 i get packet loss and the game is laggy. i have good pc i7-10700f and 3070 when i set the fps to 60 the packet loss is gone. i recorded this video

dead by daylight packet loss at 120 fps normal at 60fps same game - YouTube

• Steps to reproduce (if possible)

just turn on the 120fps option from settings

• How often does this occ

always when i play with 120 fps

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  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 2,543

    They're probably not going to fix this because the game is meant to be locked at 60 fps for some reason.

  • Wizard7735
    Wizard7735 Member Posts: 3

    but they added the option to select your fps in game instead of editing game files

  • zarr
    zarr Member Posts: 729
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    I haven't seen anybody else experience this issue, so it must be your end.

    My guess: The game allows clients to send info to the server/receive info from the server on every render cycle, obviously meaning that at 120fps you send/receive twice the amount of data per second you do on 60fps. Your connection to the server may be weak or volatile, causing it to have issues handling the increased data throughput on higher framerates, leading to dropped packets. Your high ping could be indicative of as much.

  • timbahwolf
    timbahwolf Member Posts: 10

    I have throw issue as well . I’m on a brand new pc I just built and specs are top line , game is stuttering but doesn’t show a frame drop really . I’ve been told this is shader cache from Fresh install and to give it like a week to smooth out (?) . Otherwise it had to be one of my peripherals and honestly network issues or router issues would be a possibility , otherwise somehow monitor mouse or keyboard . I’m in Midwest so good oungnfor me is like 60 but here is times when it is 80 , network health looks good but I could be getting packet lose , I’m not really sure how to monitor that honestly . Gsme is not enjoyable for me with the stutters , you can play it but obviously having stutters happen in chase sucks

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,727

    I would revert to 60fps cap but hitting hug techs as Wesker is easier on 120.