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multiple killers, maps, solo queue

multiple times a day. Sometimes it shows that myself and the killer earned no points while my teammates earned points, sometimes it shows that no one earned any points, it’s getting ridiculous and at first I thought it was the killer choosing to do this, but apparently it is not in the servers are terrible right now. My Internet is working fine, on rare occasion, my stream is interrupted, but not typically. Usually my Internet is just fine and yet the server crashes. If I get a DC penalty from this am I actually cry

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum.


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    Appearing on PC, had a few random disconnects using Steam where it shows that I disconnected from the match, or the killer has. In one game it showed me and the killer DC'ed and my friend I was playing with it showed him that three players did. Usually says that "dedicated server is not responding" but sometimes it goes under "network issues" when there are none. DC penalites follow if it does so with the "network issues" message.

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    I've been having this issue on ps4 lately as well. I've even had an issue in the past week or so where my ps4 wifi connection is lost while playing dbd. This does not happen while playing any other online game or watching shows through ps4. Other devices do not lose wifi at the same time and all I need to do to get it back on ps4 is test the connection.

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