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Unknown Error (Network issue) Dead by Daylight

Zyqlon Member Posts: 6
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Please look at my video i made today through this link:

At the beginning of the video i show that i changed my dns settings & firewall.

At 02:45 you can see me finishing the game and see that i have a grade progress error (if i see this message i know 9 of the 10 times i see this i know i will get the unknown error and i will leave my friends party because of it.

At 03:15 you can see i left the party automatic and get the unknown error.

At 03:33 i try to join my friends but i cant because it says they are in a match (even though they are in the lobby waiting for me) So i need to reboot the game.

I reboot the game at 04:00 through steam.

At 04:20 i get the message: Account error, you are currently logged in on another device. (i always get this when rebooting the game if i have issues)

At 05:00 i can join my friends again because i rebooted my game. It will probably last 1 game and i need to do this procedure after every game..

I leave at 05:15 to show what message i get when i try to run the game as Administrator.

At 05:33 i run the game as Administrator.

At 06:13 my game freezes and i get the error Steam offline: you status in steam is currently offline. And i need to exit the game..

I hope you guys can help me with this, because i have no clue anymore.

PS: I can play without problems with a VPN. But do i really need to pay monthly for a VPN in order to play Dead by Daylight?

Thank you.