The Xenomorph's Tail has multiple new bugs after the latest update.

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• Since the last patch, the Xenomorph's tail has multiple new bugs:

Sometimes the tail will completely phase through a survivor and not damage them, the hitbox is not working as intended.

When the tail hits an object, it will only start the "hit wall" animation and cooldown at the end of the tail animation instead of when it actually hits, making it so missing a tail attack has an extended cooldown.

Sometimes after getting pallet stunned, the Xenomorph's tail animations will completely glitch while in first person.

• The first 2 bugs are constant and the first one often leads to the second, can be replicated by simply using the tail attack mid chase or close to walls

The third bug can be replicated by trying to use your tail attack and then being stunned

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Xeno in a public match

Step 3 : Attempt to hit a survivor with your tail

for the animation bug, replace Step 3 with: Get stunned while attempting to hit a survivor with your tail

• I've had these bugs happen in every Xenomorph game today, they have cost me constant chases and make the already nerfed Xenomorph feel even worse.

Attached video showcasing the hitboxes not working as intended, you can also see hints of the second glitch in them.

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  • Drx4041
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    following this

  • kin
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    Oh, it looks like a bug that will be fixed someday...I hope we don't need a broken license killer, do we?

  • SchmittyKat
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    Two of the three examples were straight missed. Maybe this makes up for all of the times that I have been hit and VERY clearly dodged the hit. I have been almost BEHIND him, downed multiple times. Also get downed AS HE’S BEING PALLET STUNNED? Not before or after DURING. People who play this killer are only recording that are not fair to them. They don’t report the bugs that are not fair to survs. (And no one better say that I’m a survivor main, I’m an executioner main and I’ve played 90 percent of killers available. You’re SUPPOSED to be punished for missed attacks!

  • kin
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    Firstly, there is not a single word that recharging is bad, there are words that it does not work exactly as it should (I do not understand why it should be longer from hitting the wall) and in the video I found only 1 controversial point (Jill, he hit the stairs) at other times, purely visually, he had to get there. 

    firstly, there is rather a problem in the survivor's hitbox, because it is a huge box that follows you, and this is a separate problem that will never be fixed. 

     And do not think that this is "compensation", they have broken hitboxes to killers billions of times and repaired them billions of times, they will fix this one. These words don't make sense

    The bug with the stun is present, it seems that all killers of this type, well, at least I have seen many times when the same thing happened to nemesis.

    And yes, + respect for pyramid head, I love this killer, it seems that he is one of the best in terms of is a pity that they will be at least afraid to do such murderers now.

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  • scrunkly
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    the only one of these that looked like it shouldve hit was on ripley. the other hits just look like misses

  • HandsomeJack_049
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    Yep, the hitbox have been broken since the patch; Hens noticed the same during one of his streams. Straight hits, hits over windows and pallets that registered before the patch no longer connect at all and hitbox seems to be disconnected from the actual tail animation.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    Are there any clips where the tail attack missed, but the killer didn't try to move the hitbox in a left (strafe), right (strafe), or turning (left or right) direction?

    My current theory is the attack gets bugged if Xeno tries to move the hitbox in those directions. Possibly the tail's hitbox doesn't properly move with Xeno, even though Xeno's tail looks like it is moving.

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  • PAS_Spin
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    Despite the bugs all being fixed in the PTB, the Alien has not yet been fixed on today's patch. Disappointing.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    A video showing that survivors are immune to tail attacks when placing turrets.

    It's clearly a bug. See my video here.