Dredge lockers cause survivors to become invisible and invincible

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A survivor in my game was completely unable to be hit. And later became completely invisible.

Step 1. Have a survivor go inside a locker.

Step 2. Have the survivor jump out of the locker just as Dredge starts teleporting.

Step 3. The locker that dredge is inside will be bugged and dredge won't be able to exit it normally. And the survivor's icon will change as if they were being carried, and they won't be able to be hit. And then they somehow become invisible after that.

I started recording after noticing that I couldn't hit the affected survivor. And continued recording until the end of the match. Here is a link: https://youtu.be/62--w0XpkiU

I tried to play normally and go after the other survivors. And managed to kill 3 in total. But was unable to kill the bugged survivor during the end-game. Which you can clearly see near the end of the video.

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