Level 4 of Tome 16 not awarding charm or acknowledging completion (PC / Steam)

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I reached one of the Epilogues of Level 4 of the current tome and was not awarded the charm as every other tome awarded me in the past:

The lock is still on the icon of the charm (the rift fragments too) and it does not say "Owned" and there is no green check mark on Level IV like there is on all the other Levels I completed.

So as a result, the iridescent Launch charm that is supposed to be obtained by completing Level 4 (which I did) does not appear between the Iridescent Primus Coin and Mightee One Music Pad in the iridescent section of my charms as it should (as they are alphabetically sorted by the game). I checked that entire iridescent section since I've seen charms out of alphabetical order before and it doesn't appear anywhere.

Has anyone else experienced this and is a fix in the works?

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