Renewal Perk acivation is inconsistent with other perks

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The description of Renewal states "When you have healed other survivors for the equivalent of one health state, Renewal activates", there are similar perks like Wiretap or Blast Mine that require 50% of the generator to be repaired to be activated.

The thing with Renewal is that it ignores the cooperative progress unlike mentioned perks and all others, that means:

  • When you start healing someone while having Renewal equipped and someone comes in and decides to help you, that person will actually punish you as they will "steal" your Renewal activation progress.
    • This also means if you are finishing the healing action and someone randomly appears and even just taps the healing button, that is enough for your Renewal to not be activated, which is fairly frustrating. This can happen not only at the end but anytime you are healing someone, but is especially annoying when you are finishing the action.
  • When you start repairing the generator with either or both Blast Mine and Wiretap, and then any amount of people join in for cooperative repairs, as soon as that generator hits 50% mark, your perk will be active.
    • If these perks followed the Renewal activation rules, it would mean if 2 people started repairing the generator at the same time, these perks would only be activated when the generator is done. If 3 or 4 people done that, these perks wouldn't activate.

I actually am not sure if it is intended or not, but seeing that other perks have standardized this and that standard is not applied here makes me think that it is not intended.

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