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Kicked from party after every match; another session logged in error

thebequh Member Posts: 25
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Platform: Steam

For the last three days, between every single match, I get kicked out of the party I have joined, and I cannot rejoin said party by invite or through steam by clicking "join party." If by some luck either of these work, I do not match up with them when it finds a match and am kicked all the way to the menu screen, where it won't let me exit the game except through a force quit.

It gives the same error each time I am kicked concerning the party no longer existing. So I exit the game.

When I come back into the game, it will say I am logged into another session and would I like to sign out.

This happens every day between every single match when I try to pair up with friends. This error also shows up even when I disconnect entirely from steam, log out, and log in to refresh a new session.

SOLUTIONS I HAVE ALREADY TRIED MORE THAN ONCE: deauthorizing all devices, logging out of steam, and changing passwords [I have 2 factor authentication already on]. I have checked my firewall to be sure it's not blocking connection. I have verified the integrity of the game files. I have checked for windows updates and scanned for registry errors. I have refreshed my internet connection, I've tried "turning everything off and turning it back on." Swapped out who the party lead is every time this happens.

I really do not know what else I can do short of uninstalling dead by daylight and reinstalling it. I sincerely doubt that's the issue.

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