Blastmine not working - Xboxone and Series X

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Blastmine charges fully but does not give the prompt to place it on the generator. This has been happening consistently for over a week.

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Blast Mine & Wire Tap can no longer be applied while working on a gen; you must be next to the gen (standing, and not working on it), and the prompt will appear.


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    happens to me since xeno came out as well (on PC/steam), was playing ellen with blastmine, wiretap and her new perk chemical trap, didn't get single prompt to place neither of those perks when it was ready. Ever since then those perks don't work for me even when playing with just one. Yesterday was playing with just wiretap and still coulnd't place it once since it was rdy, didnt get a single prompt no matter how long i was working on a gen and no matter the gen progress %

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