Camera detaching from character, becoming unkillable after repair action on wiretapped generator

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On Steam. Using keyboard. Playing Survive with Friends with one other person in a public match.

Playing Vittorio (Perks: Fogwise, Prove Thyself, Unbreakable, Wiretap)

Killer: The Blight

Map: Autohaven Wreckers (Unsure what Variant)

I believe the interaction happened when I installed wiretap on a generator and quickly went back to repairing it. When the Blight Approached, I tried leaving the generator, my camera was detached from my character and moved around independently from my character's model (like when placing a patrol route with the Knight) I recall my model turning to face my position and it was locked in the repair animation. I tried moving my camera back to the generator after taking some screenshots to try to take damage, but the Blight either missed me, or I couldn't take damage. While I was outside of my character model, the Blight was unable to damage the generator or interact with me. This sate ended when I moved the detached camera near the generator and started the repair action (the option to interact showed up when I was close but is not present in the screenshots), after which, I returned to my model and the blight was able to damage me and the generator. Later in the match, I installed a wiretap on the same generator but waited a couple of seconds before repairing it; I noticed that the install wiretap flashed up again for about half a second after it disappeared momentarily when I initially installed the wiretap. I am unsure if this had anything to do with the interaction but it is the only connection I observed. It is a bit unclear in the pictures, but my model is positioned on the wires where the Blight is standing on two of the photos. I don't know if the crow flying away in the second screenshot was triggered by the Blight or my camera moving past it.

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