Blast mine character model glitch (PC)

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As reported several times on this forum so far. Seems replicable. To replicate, as a survivor you complete a gen until you have enough progress to install a blast mine. You place the blast mine as you exit the gen repair animation. Your camera will become unlocked from your survivor model, which will stay in the gen repair animation. You can end the desync by repairing the generator, which links your camera up to your character model. I have experienced this glitch 4 times I believe over the last 3 days, I believe the first time I experienced it I remember my character model maintaining my hitbox, so that the killer was able to walk over to my character model and down me. The two times after that I returned to my character model without the killer interaction with me. On my last game, I saw the Freddy swinging at my character model, which did not have a hitbox and so I was able to return to it without taking damage after he left. As such, it seems less like a weird glitch and probably something that should be kill switched. I could not tell you how easy this is to exploit, as its not something I'm going out of my way to trigger.

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