Clown yellow bottle is purple when it breaks

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Clown in a public match

Step 3 : In-game, switch to yellow cocktail

Step 4 : Throw it anywhere

Additional information

  • Clown
  • Rapid Brutality, Sloppy Butcher, Brutal Str, Nowhere to hide
  • Any map
  • Whole trial until everyone died or left

I don't have the video of it, but just try it and it will bug.T

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  • mizark3
    mizark3 Member Posts: 1,516

    I think this is if you do the lob arc and swap while the bottle is still mid-air. This has been an issue since the Xeno patch or the patch before it.

  • thisislastyearsmodel
    thisislastyearsmodel Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 636

    It happens sometimes randomly, regardless of if you switch bottles or not. I don't know why it hasn't been fixed (or even addressed verbally) yet. Either they don't care or they've somehow missed a bug for months on end.

  • jisp3r
    jisp3r Member Posts: 317

    It happens even if you just swap it before clicking to charge the throw... It's annoying because Clown is much better with the yellow mist

  • jisp3r
    jisp3r Member Posts: 317

    Also the VFX to the selected bottle is not showing in the bottom left corner of the UI..

  • jisp3r
    jisp3r Member Posts: 317

    No news, no messages from BHVR, no fix on PTB... Okay