Basement Hooks + Monstrous Shrine = Bugged Challenge

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PC, Doubt that changes anything.

I was doing a compendium challenge requiring 4 Sacrifices in basement. -- I used Monstrous Shrine to speed this up. Afterwards, the challenge did not progress even after sacrificing 4 in basement.

  1. Equip a "Sacrifice In Basement" challenge
  2. Run Monstrous Shrine
  3. Sacrifice required amount to basement hooks
  4. See as your challenge does not complete.

Every time this will happen as I believe the Monstrous Shrine turns basement hooks into scourge hooks, which means this challenge does not count it. ( IF THIS IS INTENDED, IT SHOULDN'T BE GIVEN HOW HARD THIS CAN BE )

Have a nice day, your game is wonderful and worth the 2k hours. :3

-Love, Terra!

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