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Played a match where survivors brought an offering to Nostromo wreckage, didn't think anything of it until a little into the match I notice the survivors running into the ship from the cafeteria entrance where there is the intersection with the two lockers with in the center of the ship. I couldn't open these lockers and noticed a Zarina and Leon were sitting in them healing . SO I did what any sane person would do in this situation, killed their team, with one trying to help me(rest in peace Jake) and sat outside their lockers, poking them whenever I could. The both had medkits with the red and green add-ons that give extra charges while running self-care and botony Knowledge. Eventually caught them when they ran out of charges, leon accidentally entered the locker normally giving me the down and Zarina allowed herself die to EGC

TL;DR Locker Glitch is back BABY, this time with med-kits. May or may not be tied solely to Nostromo

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