Bubba's Chainsaw Sweep Acceleration - Bubba Mains still wait for that...

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Patch 4.1.0 - Bubba's Rework.

It was one of the best reworks in Dead By Daylight history. It made one of the weakest Killer in the game very decent one. He received a huge buff in his Chainsaw Sweep movement speed, because his movement speed got increased from 126.5% to 132.25%. His Chainsaw Sweep duration also got buffed a lot. His Chainsaw Sweep was very fun to use, it felt very smooth and powerful (In 2020 DBD).

Patch 4.4.0 - Twins Release. Bubba's Very BIg Shadow Nerf. What I mean?

Since Patch 4.1.0 Bubba's acceleration was working different compared to 4.4.0 (and now).

Now I want to introduce Bubba's 4.1.0 Acceleration Code.

He could reach maximum movement speed at 0.6 seconds of his Chainsaw Sweep. That was great, because it didn't affect his addons.

In Patch 4.4.0 Leatherface received shadow nerf with his acceleration (still in the game) & his cooldowns durations (fixed 1 year ago).

What does it mean? This stupid code causes that all duration addons on Bubba have hidden penalties.

This stupid code was the reason why Carburetor Tunning Guide was bugged since 4.4.0 to 7.1.0 Patch.

Carburetor Tunning Guide wasn't working correct, because of that code. This addon tooks all Charges into one big Chainsaw Charge. It means that one charge duration is 7.5 seconds. With the code definition 60% * 7.5 seconds = 4.5 seconds - the time Bubba needed to reach maximum movement speed. He was slower than Survivor in the first 3 seconds (something around that).

They fixed Carburetor Tunning Guide in 7.1.0 Patch. Okay. But, the acceleration code is still the same.

Duration Addons have hidden penalties:

Chili : Bubba needs 1.35 seconds to reach maximum speed instead of 1.2 seconds compared to base kit or 0.6 seconds compared to the original code.

Award Winning Chili : Bubba needs 1.5 seconds to reach maximum speed instead of 1.2 seconds compared to base kit or 0.6 seconds compared to the original code.

Acceleration Penalty is very easy to notice when using both Chilis / Carburetor Tunning Guide.

Bubba needs some Quality Of Life Changes - I mean just bring back old Acceleration Code. That's all what this Killer needs.

I heard about his Camping Nerf - okay. That's a perfect time to bring back his old power from 4.1.0 Patch...

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