Tough stuff challenge

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Please BHVR, for the love of God, never EVER put this challenge in a tome again. Not only does it rely almost completely on luck if you're a solo player, but it just encourages people (myself included, unfortunately) to resort to just giving up whenever they get downed. Because why would anyone want to play a match when it's guaranteed that they won't get progress towards their challenge?

This might be the best example of bad challenge design we've had in quite some time.


  • Nazzzak
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    Agree. Not because of me (I'm doing this challenge last so I can just get it naturally without hurry) but team mates are hiding and throwing the game so hard clearly to get this challenge done. It's a bit ridiculous at this point.

  • scoser
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    Agreed. This challenge is either "the killer was AFK or ragequit" or you had someone run the killer for 5 gens. Patently ludicrous.

  • scoser
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    Almost a month later and this challenge is still garbage and should never be repeated in a future tome.