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Constant SWF lobby bugs

GlitchVoid Member Posts: 4
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When me and my friend try to play public games on survivor, everything starts out fine and we are able to play the game completely fine. However, after a random amount of games, whether it be 2 or 10, my friend will get a disconnection error and boot him from the party, but he won't have left the party from my perspective and will still be in the party with me. So it looks like he's still in the lobby for me, but he isn't on his game. Then if rejoins, he will have the globe symbol, acting as if he is on a different platform to me, which he is not (We are both on PC). When we try to search for a match, I will join it but he will not, leaving him back in the party. And if I were to join him, it gives him and me a connection error. The only work around for us is having to restart BOTH of our games. This is incredibly tedious and we have had to restart our game several times in a row after each match. Not sure what is causing this issue, but it seems to only be between me and this one friend, no one else.

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