Why should Killers play nice and fair?

You will get tbagged at exit gates if you do that. You think Survivors care you played nice? Nope, eat that Mr Killer! Haha noob ezi match.

But then you don't play fair and you play Seriously and some Survivors just give up on hooks and cry in chat how cruel you are and how bad of a person you are.

Then what should you do then?



  • Evan_
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    I also follow the Golden Rule. That's why I play nasty and efficient, as I prefer if people in online games do their best against me, so I know the results reflect the difference between our skills (as much as it's possible in any given game). Other times I just want to have fun in a chill match, so I also play nice and casual when I feel like it.

    Though we are lucky that Pinhead is just a character in dbd and not a player - he also only treats others as he likes to be treated. :P

  • Simfeliz
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     You can play "nasty and efficient" and still be "nice and fair". I know nasty and nice seem contradictory but it depends on the context.

  • bazarama
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    Play how you want. It's your game/fun not theirs.

    You'll get games no matter how you play, who you play and what you bring perk/add-on wise that people are just toxic.

    I play no add-ons on my killers like trickster, huntress and clown as I like the distance hit challenge. All 4 escape who cares.

    The only exception is a t-bag at the first pallet. I will hunt you down for the entire game because you are obviously so good at the game I need to get rid of you. Imagine the skill required to run to the first pallet you see and drop it. Well deserving of a t-bag.

    Wow just wow.

  • pseudechis
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    No player should feel the need to play "nice" or "fair" as defined by much of this community, which often means "play to my advantage not yours."

    But ask yourself

    1. Are you playing how you play because you find it fun?
    2. Or is it because you spitefully want revenge on other players over gameplay that you don't like?

    The first is fine, the second is a really bad motivation to play and is a recipe to ruin your own fun.

    You'll also find a vast number of people on these forums heavily advocate for the second mindset and then wonder why they don't have fun.

    They do this while decrying "toxicity" in all forms, which speaks to a warped sense of reality and entitlement.

    The truth is the fix starts with you, the player, to not allow yourself to be aggravated by trivial game events.

    The great irony is the collection of frequent posters replying here who are touting the "play how you feel" mindset, having just finished berating others over how they play in other threads.

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  • caipt
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    You arent obligated to. go ahead and hard tunnel, nobody with any sense is going to say you arent allowed to or that its evil. I personally dont because I know it hampers the survivors fun, and I dont feel good playing knowing I'm ruining their experience.

  • Felgoose
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    Basekit BT is meant for anti-tunneling. If someone uses it for a body block, they are actively engaged in the match just the same as if they were on a gen. It's not tunneling at that point.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    'Then what should you do then?"

    What your heart tells you. I'm - generally - a nice person in real life so I'm not going to create a different personality and punish gamers in a video game with slugging, camping etc. for some childhood trauma.

    It's not about us vs them. It's about people. Bad manners exist on both sides.

  • Evan_
    Evan_ Member Posts: 479

    I'd like a guide for that, for I play both depending on my mood, but can't do both at the same time. Best I can manage is shift the approach mid-trial to adjust for the efficiency of the opposing team.

  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
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    But going out of your way to make things worse for killer is never going to be justifiable.

  • edgarpoop
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    It's important to understand that losses from playing fair aren't proving anything more than sweating out wins in pubs proves. If you really need the validation and it's more fun for you, then sweat out wins. But neither side in DbD has any clue how hard the other side is going to be trying, which is a huge determining factor in trial balance. And matchmaking isn't competitive in this game. Skill varies wildly from match to match and within the same team. I personally don't find winning via sucker punch to be all that validating, but people like their 100+ win streaks, and that's what those are: sucker punches.

    I prefer to feel out the opponent and match their energy. If they're chill, I'm chill while trying to win. If they're sweating their tail off, I will too.

  • ratcoffee
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    I know how much it sucks to have killers be toxic when on surv, so I try to not do what I would see as toxic; similarly I know survivors being toxic can be annoying when playing as killer so I try to not be a dick when playing survivor either

  • KaTo1337
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    Deactivate Endgame-Chat. As Killer, this is a VERY WELCOME feature, because you will earn nothing but bad words.

  • Deathstroke
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    How many survivors you usually kill playing fairly? I heard here on forum the softcap is very low so playing fairly is not maybe even not worth it as even you would have low mmr but over the cap you can still get matched with very high mmr survivors.

  • Deathstroke
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    Last time I played fairly it was on bubba many of us play fair until survivor loops you too long and then camping is deserved.

  • mizark3
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    I get t-bagged about 1 in 10 games when I play 'nice'/normal. When I play like a sweatlord, it bumps it to 9 out of 10 games. It is important to let the Survivors know in the chat things like "yeah I coulda tunneled out the Mikaela there but I felt bad for her, she seemed kinda clueless". This shows them it was an intentional act on your part that led to their 'victory'. They can't gloat if you gave them it a silver platter.

    When people 'bribe' me with a cake, I 2 hook them and slug them after that for BP caps. Just the other night I slugged a death hook No Mither Adam 3 times because I knew he gave me a cake and I didn't want to kill him. We both knew I let him pick himself up, and I had to sacrifice my hook perk effects to give him a chance to still play. We both knew I effectively had 5 hooks on him, so at the end it meant nothing to me whether or not he would teabag at the exits.

  • EvilSerje
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    Multiple reasons.

    1. What is called "nice" and "fair" is just reasonable way to play against top-teams. Camping/tunneling doesn't work against them.
    2. Trying to ruin gameplay of newbies is a questionable fun.
    3. Not trying to learn and exploit easy wins until you get to high MMR is dumb decision at best (see p.1)

    If you cannot accept losing or get triggered by funny squats when you lost (because literally only two character can t-bag: GF and Pig), it's your problem and I personally have no reason or intention to support you in any way. You are like ones that don't like to play but just spoil games for others.

  • Xernoton
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    I have stopped speculating on my own MMR (mostly because there is no point to it) but I believe I am not too high up. I lose a lot of matches, that I could win, if I were to use better perks or addons (or addons in general) or played more ruthless. I still get a lot of survivors whom I estimate are pretty good. I aim at improving so much that I can beat most survivors by playing casually and honestly that works just fine for me.

    Peanits shared with us that the MMR distribution of players looks a bit like a bell. Meaning there aren't that many players in lower and the higher ends but most of us are somewhere in the middle. And honestly I have no reason to assume otherwise. I have heard Otz say that the soft cap is so low that most people are above it (probably where most people got this idea from) but I reckon someone, who has the actual data would know more about it than a content creator

  • Farya
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    but people like their 100+ win streaks

    Ist this anywhere to be seen or are those "win streaks" just personal checklists the players keep for themselves? Just wondering, since I read about "winning streaks" a lot on here.

  • Moonras2
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    You can't please everyone. I've had bad chats because I killed everyone and bad chats for letting everyone go. Personally I try to play both sides in a way that I find fun from the other side. As survivor if gens are flying by and the killer is struggling with chase, I will slow myself down. I know what it feels like when the game seems to be flying. Break some totems, open a chest etc...

    As killer if survivors are having it rough I will go out of my way to stay clear of someone recently hooked. If I'm running any gen regression perks I will try not to use them. I also might try out some goofy movement or mindgames to see how it goes.

    I also try not to run perks or items that I find unfun from one side. Sometimes though, I get a little tilted and being stronger things.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    At the end, does it really matter how you play, so long as it is within the rules? It's highly likely a player who calls you out after the trial because they escaped will also call you out if you beat them. This isn't because of any reason other than how they are at the time. No amount of playing "fair" or playing "nasty" will change that fact.

    The one thing to remember is if you change your playstyle and outlook based upon bad manners by the opponent or endgame, resulting in acting in a nastier way towards others, then those people who upset you have 100% beaten you. They achieved what they wanted by taking away your ability to play the style you want. You lost.

    If you decide to play as you wish because you want to, inspite of how they acted, you've proven stronger than them and they lost to the only game which means anything to them: ruining your day. Because they will still be bitter and angry and moronic, becoming upset at every future loss or inconvenience. You carry on with life, realising one trial out of many really means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    As killer i usuly kill 2/3 and let the last 1/2 go after double hooking them. Then i walk them to a hook, shake my head and point them to gens or hatch.

    They usually seem grateful, and other xbox players I do this with generally have a nice convo afterwards.

    As an xbox player I don't see egc and I'm better for it I think.

  • Anti051
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    It'd be great if you guys could look into a few ways to incentivize 'not being a jerk' instead of just sort of leaving it to fester.

  • Deathstroke
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    I respect that you play fair. I could not personally play without meta perks. I think the mmr tries to find opponents to you with similar mmr but if it does not then it can give you anything if you're over soft cap I quess. I figure Im higher than average at least. I would probably have to lose hundreds of games to get worser opponents than now. It does still seem to make bit of difference when you lose few games.

  • Maelstrom808
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    This is the way. Let this be both the path and guiding light, all praise to the entity.

    Seriously though, if I hadn't switched to a similar style after a couple months of playing, I doubt I'd still be around.

  • tjt85
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    I don't like tedious slowdown builds or using cheesy strats for easy 4Ks. I would hate to win by hard tunneling and tunneling off hook. Or by camping when it's not the necessary play (the last gen is about to pop and you need to hook someone nearby, for instance). Or slugging for the 4K to deny hatch. But I will slug for pressure or try to hold a 3 gen if it's my only option to turn the tide or gain some hooks. Mostly I play to enjoy the greasy fast speed of my power, vaulting and chasing after Survivors as my Legion.

    But I don't like to get bagged at the gates or insulted in chat. So I keep the chat window closed most of the time and stay away from the exit gates if I get the vibe my opponents want to BM. That way, I can easily avoid fun games being soured by poor sportsmanship.

    Maybe because I play a lot of Survivor (about 50/50 for both roles), I simply don't want to play like the Killers I seem to get in the majority of my Survivor games. That said, I've definitely played against Survivors that clearly haven't enjoyed my playstyle. At the end of the day, I can only play by my own rule book and the rules I consider to be fair.