HACKING/BUG? Unable to down, blinded constantly

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Boot the game

Play as killer in a public match

In-game, picking up a survivor, standing still, player unhooked

I was playing Twins, when I for some reason, whenever I picked a survivor up, got chain blinded. I thought this was a bit strange, and thought how that happened since no other survivors seemed to be close to me at all. I try to pick up multiple times, get chain blinded. I go back to someone getting unhooked, get chain blinded.. then this person simply stands by the hook, and I am unable to down them until they moved after about 5 minutes. They go down, they are downed and hatch spawns 1 centimeter away from them.

Additional information

Me: The Twins - Survivor: Meg Thomas

Me: Discordance, Deadlock, Coupe de grace, Plaything

Map: Springwood

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