Dedicated Server DC & a bug I meant to report before the 7.2.3 bugfix

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I just had 2 consecutive dedicated server disconnects while playing 2 matches as Wraith where the matches suddenly ended for everyone. This happened in the current 7.2.3 update and I did not have this issue happen this soon in concession before. I'm not sure if playing as Wraith is causing it. I play on PC using Steam.

Also a bug I meant to report that happened to me last week before the current bugfix:

-I was playing on the Nostromo map as the Twins and at the end after the gens were all done and I think the gates were open (?), as I let Victor loose, he just froze there & I couldn't do anything at all but wait for the endgame timer to deplete so the match would end. I couldn't switch to Charlotte and no inputs would work. I don't know if this was reported already but I wanted to report it just in case. I'm not sure if it's a Twins glitch or one caused by the map. Again, I was playing on Steam / PC as usual. I had unleashed Victor multiple times before that without issue but for some reason when I did it at the end, it caused the freeze.

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  • AykDanroyd
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    I will try a 3rd time since none of the post uncloak hits are counting towards my daily due to the DCs.

  • AykDanroyd
    AykDanroyd Member Posts: 222
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    I haven't played for a couple days and the 2nd match I played tonight, where I played as Myers, had the same issue:

    Not sure what happened, but ever since the last bugfix, the server(s) has/have been very unstable. I hope this gets fixed soon. Would absolutely suck if it happened during the first match during the 1000 exp event and a player lost that exp for nothing.

  • neuromances
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    I'm having this issue as well since the update. I've been disconnected several times, and the worst part is that it counts against me as a disconnect. I was in the middle of a generator and it disconnected me; tried another match after the cooldown, and it disconnected me mid-chase—and gave me another penalty. I'm just trying to finish my rift and this is untenable.

  • trendyfartknocker
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    As with @neuromances , I'm getting this several times a day and each time it gives me a DC penalty. I'm up to 30 minutes now and I may as well not even try. Seems to have come with the last patch. No issues before that.

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  • Marc_123
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    Have this too on PC/Steam and PS4.

    Luckily not very often. But mid match it just disconnects everyone sometimes.